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Please take a moment to share with me your name, hometown and any thoughts or reflections that occurred to you as you visited my website....and thank u for taking time to do so........Bob
You can contact me at ...bobandkandi@gmail.com ...

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Question   Bandon, Oregon
Met you in Bandon, Oregon on your vacation... I hope the area provided you with a few good shots!


Scott Peters
S-Squared Photography

- Scott Peters August 18, 2011

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Question   I love your work!
We have a cabin in Roan Valley, Mitchell County. Thank you so much for the lovely photos of our Valley and Hawk Mtn.taken from the Bald. What a great gift you have!

- Rosemary Hubbard January 16, 2011

  Answer Greetings Rosemary, and please accept my apologies for been so delinquent in responding to your lovely note. It was so good to hear from you and glad that you like my work. We actually had a place at Roan Valley near Mountain City in the early 90's abd have always loved our "topography". If I can be of any help or service with a print that you might like, please just let me know. warmest regards, Bob Peterson

- Bob Peterson  January 31, 2011

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Question   Sunsets in Florida
Hell-o Bob, I met you last night on the rooftop of "The Hurricane" all I can say is "UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE!!!!!!!! The photo's take my breathe away. Keep up the the Great work.

- Rebecca Elliott January 07, 2010

  Answer god morning Rebecca..great to hear from you and glad you enjoyed the site. When I finish with the shots taken on your roof I will try to email you, please keep checking on the site. We are now on Sanibel, thank goodness we brought warm clothes with us . god Speed ! bob

- Bob Peterson  January 11, 2010

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Question   Your talent
Hi Bob: (I am Joel Miller's mother) It was great to see you and your wife last night at the March of Dimes affair at Rock Barn and sit at the table with you. I have admired your photography for a long time and have a couple of them hanging on my wall (Joel gave them to me). I really like the bear cubs climbing the tree. Keep up the good work. Bonnie Miller, Statesville, NC

- Bonnie Miller October 09, 2009

  Answer thank you Mrs Miller, for your kind note and words, it was a fun evening and nice to finally meet you. Do hope to see you again soon. Bob Peterson

- Bob Peterson  October 09, 2009

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Question   Congrats on AMPC Finalist
Hi Bob.... I'm also a Finalist with AMPC and wanted to wish you luck, not that you need it. Exceptional work! And truly inspiring. I've also been with betterphoto.com for several years & have my website through them. I think I may know you, but their are more than one Bob Peterson in the area. Do you know Dave Markoff, MD & Donald Russell, MD? I worked for both of them & I often chatted with Bob Peterson who used to have an OBGYN practice. If it is you shame on you for not sharing that you did photography.... anyway... even if it isn't you, I hope to cross paths with you someday.... maybe some of that outstanding talent would rub off on me. Take care

- Joyce ONeil February 06, 2009

  Answer hi Joyce, and thank you for the kind words. I too, wish you the best of luck though it is nice just being a part of the "production". I will miss opening night but do hope to make the Photographers Reception in late March and hopefully will see you there. I am still in practice, though just GYN and just 3 d/wk as I've had back disability since 2000. I was at Piedmont O/G in Hickory, for 20+ yrs prior with Frank McDonell and had a lot of wonderful experiences. Again, best to you and hope to see u soon. bp

- Bob Peterson  February 08, 2009

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Question   His Pictures
I hope you guys had a great time in Holland!
This is Caleb--i watched your dog while you & Kandi were gone.

Fantastic pictures...love everyone of them!!!

- Caleb Killian April 21, 2008

  Answer thank u Caleb, for you nice comments and I'm thrilled you found the pictures to your liking. We had a great time in Holland, in no small part because of the confidence we had that our beloved puppydog was in your good hands. We are pleased to have such a nice young man has a friend. God Bless, Bob and Kandi

- Bob Peterson  April 21, 2008

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Question   Loved the beautiful pictures
I was glad to see the article in the paper this morning about your photography award. Congratulations!!

24 years ago,you delived my first baby and I always thought you were a wonderful doctor. Now you are a wonderful photographer. I will be ordering a print soon.

-  June 06, 2007

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Question   New Zealand
Dr. Peterson,

What a great "trip" I just took to New Zealand by viewing your beautiful photographs! Your talent is amazing and it's a priviledge to view them. Say "hello" to Kandi, your talented wife who makes those beautiful quilts!
Hickory, NC 4/13/2007

-  April 13, 2007

  Answer thank you Helen, for the nice comments...it was truly a beautiful, dynamic country.....Kandi sends her best!

- Bob Peterson  April 14, 2007

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Question   fall colors 2006
You did a nice job. Nice traveling with you and good luck

-  November 06, 2006

  Answer good to hear from you....wasn't that a fun trip! Thanx for your note and have a happy holiday season.......Kandi and Bob

- Bob Peterson  November 06, 2006

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Question   My compliments
Just browsing some deluxe pro sites to get some ideas on building my site...nice relaxing yet stunning photos!

Ryan Glaze

- Ryan Glaze February 17, 2006

  Answer thanx Ryan, for your nice comments...we are blessed with a beautiful location for great photography....good luck with your site! Bob

- Bob Peterson  February 19, 2006

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Question   Outstanding Photography
Hi Bob!
I've been looking at several deluxe websites tonight and I'm still in awe accompanied by a sense of inner peace. Your site is by far the most superior of all. The colors, clarity, and your amazing ability to capture the beauty God has created and to place it within the hearts and souls of your audience is the ultimate dream of an upcoming professional photographer. Congrats on an outstanding superior website! I read your bio and you must know Enumclaw (my hideaway).

- Cheri K. OBrien May 01, 2005

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Question   Beatiful Website and Photo Gallery!
We love your photography! You have such beautiful pictures here. We will check this site often to see if you post new work. I am enjoying your photos that mom bought me for my graduation present so much every day!

-  December 13, 2004

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Question   The great work shown on your website
Dear Bob, what a joy to go through all of the beautiful photographs on your website...Excellent work. It is easy to get around on the website..I like the search option..the organization by categories.. the quality of the photographs..and I've found two more photographs that I want. I think "Swift River Color" and "Relections, trees on water" are the same...are they not? I also like "Reflected Color". Please let me know about the two I think are the same and I'll be back in touch with the sizes that I want. Thanks, Judie C.

-  November 06, 2004

  Answer thank u, Judie, for your input....it's helpful to get your impressions and I'm glad you liked the photos.....please stay in touch......Bob

- Bob Peterson  November 07, 2004

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